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Herpetosure Ltd is one of the leading national providers of ecological solutions in the UK . As part of the Three Shires group established in 1995 Herpetosure Ltd has worked in every sphere of ecological mitigation. Based around the Herpetosure® fencing system we provide Great Crested Newt fencing, Snake fencing, Reptile fencing, Water vole fencing, Badger fencing and sett construction, Bat boxes and Otter fencing and holt construction. Herpetosure are the only completely dedicated name in ecological solutions. This focus has meant that our product, people and service are the most innovative in the market. In fact our Newt Fencing has become the de-facto standard for Newt mitigation.

Building upon their extensive experience of weed management, Herpetosure are now providing specialist invasive weed eradication, management and control services. Herpetosure Invasive Solutions have an all new website – covering the removal of Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Ragwort and Aquatic.
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“Ecologically Sensitive yet Commercially Aware”


Our Innovative newt fencing and ecological fencing product range has come about through years of R and D and rigorous testing, and our patented product range boasts the most effective newt fencing, reptile fencing, snake fencing and water vole fencing available in the UK.

Herpetosure® has taken the need of the species and the need of our clients into consideration when developing a system that delivers results on time and in a cost effective way.


“The Right Product + Professional Installation = Cost Effective and Timely Delivery”

We have established strong relationships, with many leading civil engineering corporations, construction companies , house builders, environmental consultants, local authorities and wildlife organisations. Take a look and see the calibre of company we keep.

“Our newt fencing has long been our flagship product, and it still is our biggest seller, however the success of our slow worm fencing, reptile fencing, snake fencing and water vole fencing in 2008 is testament to the quality, durability and cost effectiveness of the entire Herpetosure range. Many of our clients now see the team as partners rather than suppliers or sub contractors, and feel that the guarantees the national network offer; their reactivity and their ability mean that wherever the site our clients call us. It is our job to maintain our sharp, professional service and ensure that clients receive best value, whether it’s a newt fencing, snake fencing, reptile fencing or water vole fencing project”

James Tyers (Marketing Manager, Herpetosure)

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