Welcome to our occasional blog in which James Lloyd , managing director of Herpetosure, offers practical approaches to deal with specific ecological issues faced by the construction industry.

The Newt and Knotweed Factor

The Newt and Knotweed Factor More Information »


5th September 2008 This week I see Construction News has told of how the discovery of a Great crested Newt colony has SAVED in the region of £1,000,000 More Information »

Contain those newt fencing costs

15th August 2008 "We all know that newt fencing is not cheap. Costs can be contained however by good liason between main contractor, ecologist and ecological fencer as soon as it becomes clear that mitigation work is going to be neccesary. Some of the species which this can apply to include; Great crested newts, reptiles, snakes, water voles etc. More Information »

Land Bank? Act Now

14 August 2008 - As land banks sit lifeless and buyer confidence slips once more, sellers should be reminded that although industry growth is stinted, ecological impacts on site are rising daily. More Information »