Features and Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Herpetosure Fencing the Best in the Market?

Herpetosure Timber and Plastic Galvanised/Coated Steel and Aluminium Systems
Cost Although this system carries a slightly higher initial cost than Timber and Plastic it is still the most cost effective system. Due its quality and durability, Herpetosure fencing reduces maintenance costs by up to 98% over Timber and Plastic. Its rapid installation means that Herpetosure projects always hit even the steepest target deadlines, avoiding costly delays. To safeguard against on going product failure cost Herpetosure offer their clients product integrity guarantees across the whole fencing range and Because our products produce zero project waste there is No expensive landfill cost and will benefit environmental audits Often carrying the lowest price tag on face value, Timber and Plastic systems are cheap but not cheerful. With many hidden maintenance charges and no product guarantees the costs of using this system can spiral after initial installation. The time delays caused by frequent system failures often have more of a cost implication than is often allowed for, making Timber and Plastic projects much more expensive in the long run. At the end of these projects 100% of the material is land filled – another large cost for consideration with a negative impact on environmental audits These systems carry much higher initial costs than Timber and Plastic. Unlike the Herpetosure system which due to its flexible properties can withstand heavy site and vandal damage, galvanised systems when struck are permanently damaged and must be replaced, the cost of which is felt by the client. Installation speed of this system is far slower than Herpetosure making it harder to hit project deadlines, risking project delays and costing more man hours. There is a high risk that this fencing will be stolen for its scrap value
Speed Herpetosure has by far the shortest installation time, holding a record for 9337 metres of fencing including bucket traps in less than 5 days. With the longest installation time Timber and Plastic projects often struggle to hit tight deadlines. Marginally faster to install than Timber and Plastic and far slower than Herpetosure, hitting tight deadlines could be questionable.
Life Span Herpetosure guarantee UV stability. Offering guarantees up to 30 years and life expectancies of up to 50. (Herpetosure Permanent Plus) Offering no guarantees, Timber and Plastic systems could only last a matter of months before the elements or physical damage render it useless and in need of repair or replacement. Due to the wide variations in production quality. Lifespan cannot be truly guaranteed. Steel is at risk from the usual oxidising effects of the elements therefore rusting could affect its lifespan.
Sustainability 100% reusable and recyclable, Herpetosure panels are made from recycled material and with a unique panel tracking system.All panels are monitored and formally recycled at the end of their lifespan. Producing 100% product waste for landfill – Timber and Plastic is far from sustainable. As well as having a negative impact on environmental and waste audits Only worth considering for use on permanent applications Panels require a lot of cutting and shaping to accommodate the lie of the ground. This result in sharp edges and corners that are a serious Health and Safety issue potentially resulting in insurance claims and litigation.
Range With specifically designed options for all species, Herpetosure have many solutions for protected species. Herpetosure has the only completely dedicated ecological mitigation fencing range. Timber and Plastic is simply an adaptation of low cost DIY products, as fencing heights increase to meet the needs of more mobile species so to does the risk of system failure. Again galvanised steel panels are essentially adapted building products, meaning that product ranges are limited and are unlikely to meet specific species needs.
Vandal Herpetosure systems are vandal and fire resistant, and can even be tracked over by large vehicles. Theft is highly unlikely due a deep bury depth and zero panel value. Timber and Plastic is highly at risk from vandal damage. Hundreds of metres can be damaged in a very short space of time and if ignited with a flame, fire will spread quickly down the fence line. Galvanised steel panels have high monetary value as scrap, and are therefore at high risk of theft. If driven over by motorised vehicles it is likely that permanent damage will be caused with damaged panels requiring replacement and therefore compromising licensing issues
Leadtime Because Herpetosure is a dedicated product with a dedicated range, all our products are well stocked, and due to well positioned Herpetosure alliance partners our expert installers are ready to react swiftly anywhere in the UK. Despite using basic DIY products that are widely available. The long installation times can result in the main contractors being delayed with the start of the project, especially when the hibernation season is approaching Despite using basic building products, there is potential for delay in product lead time. The extended installation times also mean that contractors are often on sites many weeks.

Other FAQs

How quickly can Herpetosure Fencing be installed?

Herpetosure fencing has the shortests installation in the ecological market. An example; At Goole Three Shires Limited (Herpetosure Approved Contractors for the Midlands and the North) installed a phenominal 9337 metres with 900 bucket traps in under 5 days. Have a look at the testimonials to hear more about the job or visit our video gallery to see Herpetosure panels being installed.

h3.How much maintence is required once the Herpetosure fencing has been installed?

Herptosure fencing has been proven to reduce on going maintenance costs by up to 98% when compared with the old fasioned timber and plastic system. An Example; Herpetosure fencing was installed two years at a high vandal risk area in Red Scar, Lancashire. Since its installation Herpetosure approved contractors have spent a total of just 2 hours on maintence on this site. See Herpetosure fencing under going teasting in our video gallery.

Will Herpetosure save our company money?

The old adage of buy cheap buy twice is no more relevant than when appllied to the ecological mitigation sector. Herpetosure is the only dedicated name in ecological solutions, using dedicated products and people has meant that we can offer the best value ecological packages to all our clients. Herpetosure is often called in to complete jobs that other contractors have mishandled or where products have failed to deliver; costs and delays that if handled by Herpetosure intially could have been avoided all together.

Does Herpetosure work Nationally?

Yes! Through our approved contractor network of Greenhall Environment, Knighton Countryside Management, Stones Wildlife, Three Shires Limited and Three Shires North West, Herpetosure achieve National coverage in all ecological services enabling optimum quality of service, product delivery and rapid reaction time.

Will Herpetosure give obligation free site visits and quotations?

Absolutly, often our clients prefer to discuss methodology with the team right at the start of project planning, by visiting the site early on and offering advice as to how we can practically deliver the mitigation plans often saves our clients great time and expense. We are happy to visit all sites in the UK so please, just ask!

Does Herpetosure offer solutions for all species?

Much of Herpetosure’s work is ground breaking, very often our clients come to us with projects that have never been attempted before. Yet, because of the relationships we have developed with ecologists we are able to discuss the most sensitive, practical and cost effective way of acheiving success. To date we have worked with populations of; Great Crested Newts, Slow Worms, Reptiles, Snakes, Water Voles, Dormice, Bats, Badgers, Otters and Birds. But if you have something that is not on the list we would be excited to be involved.

What is Herpetosure fencing made out of?

Herpetosure fencing panels are made of recycled polypropelene. By developing a mixture that allows the panals to be self supporting yet flexible, recyclable yet vandal resistant, quality yet cost effective and quickly installed but durable. For more detailed description of technical data just see our dowloadable specification sheets.

What is the life span of Herpetosure fencing?

There are various lifespans dependant on the Herpetosure product you go for. For short term projects, Herpetosure Temporary panels have a manufacturers UV stability of 5 years. For projects that run over 5 years, Herpetosure Permanent fencing has a manufacturers UV stability guarantee of 10 years and a life expectancy of 20-25 years and for fencing systems that a permanently installed, Herpetosure Permanent Plus fencing has a UV stability guarantee of 30 years and a life expectancy of 50+ years.

What is the product availability and lead time of Herpetosure fencing?

Herpetosure hold a large stock of temporary upright fencing, and a smaller amounts of Permenant, Permanent Plus and and One Way systems, so for very large projects that require these lesser stocked systems we may need a maximum of 6 weeks notice.