Yorkshire Water Site gets Newt Proofed with Herpetosure Newt Fencing

Herpetosure Group contractor, Three Shires Ltd, has recently completed a newt fencing installation at a Yorkshire Water WTW in Chesterfield.

Working for main contractor Black and Veatch, Herpetosure installed a secure perimeter newt fence to prevent local newt populations from entering the site and being injured during the engineering works.

Due the 2 year programme our clients decided to use Herpetosure® Newt Fencing to remove the requirement for on going maintenance that may be caused by vandalism or contractor damage – A total of 1300 metres of newt fencing was installed along with 4 newt grids.

In addition to the Great crested newt fencing, there was also a requirement for the precautionary closure of an infrequently used badger sett.

The badger sett was closed out using timber one way badger gates and installing chainlink aprons to the area so to prevent badgers digging back into the badger sett.

All of the works were completed in just 5 days and the newt fencing will be removed at the end of the project.