Japanese Knotweed


Click Here For a Pictoral Guide to Identifying Japanese Knotweed

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions (HIS) has the expertise and capability to eradicate, control, and manage, japanese knotweed and invasive weeds across the UK.

Japanese Knotweed – Eradicated in One Growing Season – Guaranteed

Japanese Knotweed – The Problem

Japanese Knotweed is recognised by the Environment Agency as the UK’s most invasive species, as its aggressive growth causes extensive damage to buildings, foundations, and roads, resulting in costly delays to development projects. Japanese knotweed colonises whole areas, threatening eco-systems, frequently causing serious erosion to river banks.


Japanese Knotweed – Information and Identification

Click Here For a Pictoral Guide to Identifying Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is an herbaceous perennial plant that first came from Asia to Europe in the mid-19th century as an ornamental plant. Amazingly japanese knotweed is infertile, and spreads purely from the disturbance and movement of its rhizome system; rhizome is an underground stem that roots and shoots develop from. A tiny fragment japanese knotweed rhizome, as small 0.4g, is enough to spread the infestation elsewhere.

Knotweed can grow up to 10cm a day = 70cm a week = 2.8metres a month!

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Japanese Knotweed – The Law

It is a statutory offence to cause or allow japanese knotweed plants to grow in the wild, whilst great care must be taken over disposal, as waste regulations categorize all of the plants and contaminated soil as controlled waste. Adjoining owners may take civil action seeking damages due to the spread of japanese knotweed onto their property.

Japanese Knotweed – The Solution

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions has a range of tried and trusted cost-effective environmentally aware japanese knotweed solutions, to fit client’s timescales, budgets, and site specific requirements, as well as meeting all regulations.

Herpetosure solutions feature a highly successful one season herbicidal treatment programme, that eradicates Japanese knotweed in one growing season. This is backed up by company guarantee.