Herpetosure Fencing Solutions

Herpetosure Temporary and Permanent Upright Newt Fencing


Upright Herpetosure fencing systems are available in temporary and permanent options. Ideal for the control and containment of Great Crested Newt populations for short term and long term use.

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Herpetosure One Way Newt Fencing

Herpetosure One Way fencing has an embossed leather effect texture, aiding traction and allowing animals to pass from one area to another easily but preventing movement in the opposite direction.

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Herpetosure Slow Worm Fencing

Slow Worm

Upright Herpetosure Slow worm fencing systems are available in temporary and permanent options. Ideal for the control and containment of Slow worm populations for short term and long term use.

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Herpetosure Reptile Fencing


Developed for controlling and containing Reptile populations. Herpetosure Reptile Fencing is taller and thicker than the Herpetosure Newt system, ensuring optimum protection for the more mobile Reptile species.

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Herpetosure Snake Fencing


This robust system is ideal for projects involving large Snake species. Despite being tall this system can with stand all weather conditions even on the most exposed of sites. The thickend Herpetosure panels and speedy installation techniques, means that no other system is as strong or as efficient in controlling and containing snake populations.

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Herpetosure Water Vole Fencing


The tallests and toughest of the Herpetosure range, this fencing system is specifically designed for water vole mitigation projects. The 6mm think panal at a height of 1700mm is more than capable of containing these heavier and more mobile small mammals. Combined with a bury depth of 500mm this system is vandal resistant and will stand the duration of all projects. Once again, unlike other systems used for this purpose, Herpetosure Water Vole fencing is, as are all systems, fire retardent, 100% recyclable and produce zero product waste.

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All Fencing Systems Are Available In Permanent Plus – Carrying a 30 Year UV Stability Guarantee, With A Life Expectancy Of Over 50 Years. Click here for the full Permanent Plus specifications.

400,000 Metres of Ecological Fencing Installed to Date

Why Herpetosure Newt Fencing is Different!

The Herpetosure Group has grown to be the UK’s leading and most recognisable brand in ecological fencing products and contracting. The Herpetosure fencing system was developed in 2004 and became available in 2005 with the aim of providing a recyclable, reusable and robust alternative to existing newt fencing, snake fencing, reptile fencing and water vole fencing on the market.

Prior to Herpetosure’s development, newt fencing consisted of 1mm plastic sheets buried into the ground and supported by timber stakes; this newt fencing system was not reusable or recyclable and on project completion generated 100% project waste all destined for landfill. The other major issue with this newt fencing system was that it is particularly vulnerable to contractor damage, vandalism and arson, and as a result the species on site were not adequately protected and often clients were left exposed to spiralling maintenance costs, massive project delays due to breaches of licence, and the inevitable financial impacts of such delays.

Herpetosure newt fencing was developed with the benefit of hindsight and the result was a product that resolved every failing in the timber and plastic newt fencing system; It can be installed up to 10 times faster than alternative systems, it is vandal resistant, fire retardant, robust enough to be driven over by vehicles, it produces zero product waste, it is derived from recycled material and is 100% recyclable, its product integrity is guaranteed for up to 30 years against the elements, it protects against breaches of licence and reduces on going maintenance costs by up to 98%.

In the last 12 months the Herpetosure Group has installed over 100,000 metres of Herpetosure ecological fencing on civil engineering, house building, industrial and commercial development sites across the UK, and since 2004 in the region of 400,000 metres has gone into the ground.

The second and arguably the largest difference with Herpetosure is the way in which the group is geared in its delivery. There are many ecological contractors in the UK; some of which are ecological consultancies which have bolted on contracting arms to existing operations, others are fencing contractors who occasionally install timber and plastic newt fencing.

The major difference between Herpetosure and other ecological contracting operations is that the group provides dedicated solutions to ecological site issues. Every contractor in the Herpetosure group has been working in ecological contracting for over 10 years and unlike consultancies whose majority of work is involved in planning, 100% of our ecological operations is spent in implementation.

In order to maximise efficiency the Herpetosure group has developed a multidiscipline skill base that can solve all ecological site issues including; patented dedicated ecological products including newt fencing, slow worm fencing, reptile fencing, snake fencing and water vole fencing, habitat creation services including bat boxes, pond creation and habitat planting, artificial badger sett and otter holt construction, sensitive tree and vegetation clearance using high speed and low impact techniques, as well as cost effective solutions for the eradication of Japanese knotweed and all non-native invasive weeds.

There are contractors who deal with one or two of the above site issues, although Herpetosure is the first to be able to approach a site anywhere in the UK and cost effectively, professionally and with minimal consultant supervision solve all of them.

The Herpetosure group are ‘Specialist Ecological Contractors’ and not consultants. Herpetosure works for the UK’s leading ecological and civil infrastructure planning consultancies and has actively secured preferred supplier and partner arrangements with a number of them. These partnerships are aimed at delivering a service that takes clients through surveying, licence preparation, supervision and implementation, with one point of delivery across the UK.

The difference between this partnership and other in house solutions is that this system gives clients specialist services at every stage of the process. These innovative partnerships also guarantee transparent, seamless, timely and value added delivery that solves all ecological issues.

Project Examples – Snap Shot of August and September 2008 (Northern Region Alone)

Project Summaries: 7000 metres of Herpetosure newt fencing was installed in Carlisle for Birse along with 2500 metres of stock fencing on the CNDR development, another 2500 metres of Herpetosure newt fencing was installed in Worcester under the instruction of Parsons Brinkerhoff for West Mercia Police. 6000 metres of newt fencing was installed for Augean Plc at their Kings Cliffe site, another 5000 metres of newt fencing was installed for Carillon Water on the Northumbrian Water pipeline project in Darlington. 2500 metres of Herpetosure newt fencing was installed under instruction from Mouchel for Doncaster Borough Council, and another 500 metres of Herpetosure reptile fencing installed under the instruction of RSK Carter Ecological for George Wimpey at Peterborough. In Milton Keynes 800 metres of newt fencing was installed under supervision of RPS along with extensive sensitive clearance operations. For Norwich Union Life and Pensions a 3 hectare land holding was cleared of extensive trees and vegetation under supervision of RSK ecological. For RPS ecological clearance operations were carried out in Bletchley.

Partnerships with leading consultancies with whom we have worked since our establishment is one significant indicator that we are proven to consistently deliver in every aspect, our product is now widely specified by consultants and once introduced main contractors often involve us at practical planning stages to ensure projects move forward with minimal ecological impact.

Our project managers and site operators are trained in all aspects of protected species mitigation; our aim is that should a site manager have a query or concern, any Herpetosure member can give an informed solution. Other mandatory training to all Herpetosure contractor members includes; first aid, CSCS, all relevant CPCS operator tickets, and staff are all directly employed and not subcontracted.

Herpetosure have set new standards in the ecological contracting market and would be happy to be involved in any newt fencing, slow worm fencing, reptile fencing, snake or water vole fencing project or any project requiring habitat creation or ecological contracting services.