Newt Fencing Outline

Newt Fencing Diagram

Detailed Newt Fencing Specifications

Newt Fencing Fitted Measurements

Newt fencing is installed 300mm vertically below ground, 375mm vertically above ground

Newt Fencing Fitting Description

The newt fencing panels are fitted either into a 300 × 50mm slit created by a V backed sub soiler or “wiz" plough pulled by a tractor or in a trench excavated using a chain trencher or mini digger. Alternatively, if necessary, the trench is dug by hand.

The preferred newt fencing method for best results and most efficient fitment is the slitting method, where conditions suit. Once the newt fencing panels are sited the slit is closed up by driving back along the line of the newt fence with a tractor, vehicle or compacted by hand. This creates a total seal between the soil and the newt fencing panels, which are fitted to the side of the trench nearest to the relevant population or the inside if a containment area. The newt fencing panels are overlapped by 50mm then secured by aluminium blind rivets along the overlap joint. Newt fencing panels can be cut down or the overlap increased to allow for uneven ground or contours.

HERPETOSURE® newt fencing is designed to be reusable and recyclable, it also has a high level of impact resistance, therefore offering a much higher level of boundary security and removing the need to landfill expired fencing materials at the end of the project. ZERO project waste.

Newt Fencing Technical Data
Density Kg/m3 930
Tensile strength (Mpa) N/mm2 26.0
Elongation at break % 460
Flexural modulus (Mpa) N/mm2 1250
Linear Thermal expansion mm/m/°c 0.150
Surface spread of flame Class 3

Newt Fencing – The Difference is Herpetosure!

Herpetosure Newt Fencing – The Most Cost Effective Option

Although Herpetosure newt fencing carries a slightly higher initial cost than Timber and Plastic fencing it is still the most cost effective system. Due its quality and durability, Herpetosure newt fencing reduces maintenance costs by up to 98% over Timber and Plastic fencing. Its rapid installation means that Herpetosure projects always hit even the steepest target deadlines, avoiding costly delays. To safeguard against on going newt fencing product failure costs Herpetosure offers their clients product integrity guarantees across the whole newt fencing range, and because our products produce zero project waste there is No expensive landfill cost and will benefit environmental audits.

Timber and Plastic newt fencing carries the lowest price tag on face value; however these newt fencing systems are cheap but not cheerful! With many hidden maintenance charges and no product guarantees the costs of using this system newt fencing systems can spiral after initial installation. The time delays caused by frequent system failures often have more of a cost implication than is often allowed for, making Timber and Plastic newt fencing projects much more expensive in the long run. At the end of these projects 100% of the material is land filled – another large cost for consideration with a negative impact on environmental audits.

Herpetosure Newt Fencing – The Shortest Installation Time

Herpetosure newt fencing has by far the shortest installation time, holding a record for 9337 metres of newt fencing including 800 bucket traps in less than 5 days.

Installing Timber and Plastic newt fencing is a far slower process than fitting Herpetosure newt fencing panels. Alternative fencing systems can take up 10 times longer to install than Herpetosure newt fencing; and with notoriously tight ecological mitigation work windows this could potential jeopardise project progress.

Herpetosure Newt Fencing – The Longest Life Span

Herpetosure guarantee UV stability. Offering guarantees up to 30 years and life expectancies of up to 50. (Herpetosure Permanent Plus)

No other newt fencing on the market can guarantee product integrity of newt in the same way and as a Herpetosure permanent newt fencing; Herpetosure newt fencing is unrivalled in every aspect as a newt mitigation barrier.

Herpetosure Newt Fencing – The Most Sustainable Option

Herpetosure newt fencing is 100% reusable and recyclable. Herpetosure newt fencing panels are made from recycled material and with a unique panel tracking system. All panels are monitored and formally recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Herpetosure Newt Fencing In Action