Herpetosure Great Crested Newt Fencing

“P Casey Enviro Ltd have always adopted a sensitive approach where protected species have been located on development sites. With a site of European importance inhabited by GCN we decided that Herpetosure with their range of temporary and permanent fencing was the most suitable and practical product for the project. I wouldlike to thank Three Shires Ltd for their professional approach, speed and ease of installation enabling trapping to start before the end of the season.” Tony Barry, P Casey Enviro

“I have used Herpetosure on a project involving 11km of great crested newt exclusion fence. Herpetosure was used in sensitive areas such as hedgerow crossings where it was installed quickly and effectively with minimal disturbance to potential newt habitat. I was particularly impressed with the versatility of Herpetosure and the fact that it is re-useable and recyclable makes me wonder about all of the old polythene fencing lying in landfills. I will definitely recommend Herpetosure to clients on future projects.” Dr Glenn Langler, Halcrow Group

Preston, Herpetosure Great Crested Newt Fencing

“Herpetosure were recommended by our ecological consultant, Ray Gemmell of ERAP, and after a site visit it became clear that their product was ideal. Clearly a great deal of thought has gone into the design of the fencing material and as a result an extremely durable fence system is installed very quickly. Without the speed of installation of the HERPETOSURE® fencing and the experience of Three Shires there would, almost certainly, have been a delay in the commencement of pitfall trapping and a subsequent delay in the development programme.” Andrew Roberts MD, Tustin Developments

Goole, Herpetosure Great Crested Newt and Reptile Fencing, 9330 Metres inc Buckets in 5 Days

“To say we have been pleased with Three Shires is an understatement. James and his team have impressed throughout with their professional approach, speed and ability to resource a project of this size within the tight timescale set. We looked at many products on the market and I must say that this is the best we have seen.” Dan Murray, St James Security

“The fencing was installed to the highest standard, in the shortest imaginable time, the speed and professionalism exhibited by Three Shires was exemplary.” Gary Oliver, Andrew McCarthy Associates

Canford Heath, Dorset, Herpetosure Reptile Fencing

“As a herpetologist I was asked by an environmental consultant to work on a project installing underground electricity cable across Canford Heath in Dorset. This part of Cranford Heath is known to support all six British native reptiles and is an area where vandalism is common. These two seemingly unrelated points cause significant problems where it is necessary to isolate reptiles from a work site. A reptile proof barrier was required to run both sides of the work strip. The usual polythene sheets attached to wooden posts would not have lasted more than a few days. Knighton Countryside Management were assisting with the vegetation clearance and suggested using HERPETOSURE® fencing due to its resilience and fire proof qualities. Following inspection the panels were fitted in a quick operation. The fence has been in place for four months and damage has been minimal. Priority from an ecological perspective is the effectiveness of the barrier. Panel overlap must be sufficient and all joins tight & secure. HERPETOSURE® fencing has been effective. Without this type of reptile exclusion barrier, the method employed on the project may have been untenable.” Paul Beatson, PGB-Conservation Ltd

East Midlands, Herpetosure Great Crested Newt Fencing

“The fence had to cope with a site that was undulating and which had a wide variety of ground conditions ranging from stony ground to marsh. It also needed to be capable of creating small tight compartments. In addition the perimeter fence needed to withstand vandalism and following translocation, plant activities on the site edge. HERPETOSURE® was chosen and from the start the fence was the least difficult component of the translocation. It went in very quickly and the new rivets prevented gaps forming between the panels. The fence survived the hot July weather and the school summer holidays intact. Even when the ground dried the fence remained intact and upright. Following translocation the fence was able to be driven over by heavy plant before springing back to its original position. Having had experience of many different types of newt and reptile fencing in the last fifteen years I was very pleased with HERPETOSURE® and will be using it again on future projects.” David Denman, Senior Ecologist, Delta-Simons

Suffolk, Herpetosure Reptile Fencing

“This was a difficult site on the edge of a housing estate that the public had been using for informal access. The Herpetosure fencing was very strong and withstood numerous attacks, enabling the lizard translocation to be carried out on time and to the satisfaction of our client.” Graham Hinton, Environmental Consultant, ADAS